Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yesterday i went for my appointment. last week i already remove my braces after almost 2 years having a things stuck on my teeth.Actually the treatment do not stop there. its continue with i have to wear one more dental invention called retainers.
its take 1 week to make the retainers after i had my impression last week.Today 's post i would like to share with you guys more about retainer.

What is retainers ?
A retainer is an orthodontics appliance(usually removable) that is supposed to be worn after your orthodontist removes your braces.

Why we have to wear retainers?
When braces are removed, the teeth have a tendency to want to return back to their original positions. Retainers prevent this from happening.

What is retainers made of?
most retainer are made of wire and hard plastic and fit in the rooth of your mouth.A lower retainer can be removable or permanently cemented to the lower teeth so that it does not not come out

How long we have to wear this?
During the first several months retainers usually worn full time.make sure remover it during eating time!!aftet that your orthodontist will decide how often they shoud be worn.In my case i have to wear for 2 years.

How to take care of your retainer?
When you brush your teeth , brush your retainers also.rinse with cool water.

How much does a retainer cost?
you shoud ask your orthodontist because the price is defferent depend on your orthodontist.In my case it cost me around rm300

p/s:i have seen a lot otho patient teeth return back to their original place.i highly recommend you guys to wear your retainers routinely as advised!

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