Tuesday, January 5, 2010

middle age crisis

i may screwed up once. not gonna let it happend twice .its just not me long time ago. wish i could turn the time backwards or standstill the time. Or mybe i could crop the time that needed to be fixed.it may sound not real.nut or wats.but yes, i do think about dat lately.people do change.they need to be changed as they getting older. seems im getting older( 21 years old dis year).Nah,im old already to make all dat crap decision.but looks like people still questioned my judgement, could i??yup , mybe through their naked eyes i may look childish or kinda of sempoi2 gurl.but believe me i barely could be matured more than they thought when its deal with my dam whole life.im not gonna do all dat silly things dat may effect my precious life huh trust me!!.i believe our deeds follow us, and what we have been makes us what we are.i jus need my alone time from all that headache world out there.sleep whole day.fuh its sound impossible.but i m gonna try it one day.hahaha.
im gonna stop my 'Curahat' rite now before its going too far.btw along with d new years already past few days,,,hope its not to late to wish all of u HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!

  1. enjoy my 2 weeks holiday..fuh..poket pun kering gak..
  2. hoping this month run smoothly all the exam needed to be passed.(inshallah)
  3. i got flu n need to bring my sapu tangan pink yg besar tu everywhre.plez people dont hate me.hihihih.
  4. im in the middle of embryology chapter,really touched my heart how amazing Allah's creation.
  5. In Allah i have faith
"Dan sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan manusia dari suatu saripati (berasal) dari tanah, kemudian Kami jadikan saripati itu air mani (yang disimpan) dalam tempat yang kokoh (rahim) Kemudian air mani itu Kami jadikan segumpal darah ,lalu segumpal darah itu Kami jadikan segumpal daging . dan segumpal daging itu Kami jadikan tulang- belulang. Lalu tulang-belulang itu Kami bugkus dengan daging.Kemudian kami jadikan dia makhluk yang (berbentuk) lain. Maka Maha suci Allah, Pencipta yang paling baik".
surah al mu'minun ayat 12-14