Thursday, April 14, 2011


I would like to announce to all members of the board that i am re-opening my blog .with new visions and stories which is more and more educational(I hope so) instead of crappy 'curahat' like last time.This will tell the audience more or less about OUR TOOTH.

Warning!:this blog will talk all day long about teeth to tooth until you will feel boring to do not blame me cause i already warning you guys at first place.

Actually i have couple of visions on how i would led this blog for the time being:

vision 1:i will try as much as i can posting more and more useful articles about dental health problems and the new invention in dental world!

vision 2:If you have any questions about teeth or any doubt about dental problems just drop your comments or you can also pm straight to my or i will try to answer base on what i learn and i will of course refers to a reliable sources.

vision3:i will try to reduce talking crappy etc. and if i do. please do not be ashamed sound directly on my face..hahhaha..boring~~~you know i will do..hey this is my blog la..

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  1. salam,,yes i come! good2! muslim dentist on board!