Monday, March 19, 2012

way to go..

On 19 march 2012 i am officially starting my pandas=preclinic. Means in a couple of days i will enter the moment i have been waiting so long which is clinical years. Before that i have to get through OSCE which required me to master all materials that i have learnt this 3 and half years.Sincerely i am not kind of study person. i kind of last minute study as i love procastinate my work. When the time comes i will all out. The problems is this is not helping it is because as we all know hard work pays. Success did not come to us without enough effort.

In my head i keep thinking am i ready to be a dentist? How can i treat patient with empty brain. Sometime i feel i cannot breath . My brain keep spinning thinking what shoud i do ..i barely could sleep. Actually what makes me realise that i have been left behind when i sit besides someone that her head full of treasure. From that moment i fell ashame of myself. I do not know what i have been doing for the last 3 years. I am not sure whether leaving UM to come here is the right choice or what. A lot things have happened this past 3 years that absolutely changing me into not so me anymore. Yes i am 100 percent changing. I barely now myself anymore............please god send me your guidance. I feel so hopless right now..

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